Our purpose is to accompany and assist you in achieving success as an entrepreneur.

We have a distinctive and successful track record as managers and advisors.

Hormes is an advisory firm specializing in global Search Funds, with a strong focus on Europe and OECD countries. We bring real-world experience in the business realm, a profound understanding of Search Funds, and a deep empathy for the entrepreneurs who lead them. For us, the human aspect of the searchers we support is of utmost importance.

What's set us apart and how can we help you?


Our track record in this model is a testament to our expertise. We take on the role of primary advisor throughout the entire process — from fundraising, active support during the search and investment analysis phase, to the company acquisition, management, and growth.

With access to leading international investors specializing in the Search Fund model, recognized for their prestige and experience, we are confident in our ability to assist and guide new entrepreneurs. We bring our knowledge and experience in the realm of Search Funds to help pave the way for a successful journey alongside our Searchers.

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Hormes Capital Search Fund Advisors